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Are you a B2B Sales professional? Are you struggling to make your big break into management or to reach a £100k+ salary? Many of my students were like you. Heck 10 years back, I WAS LIKE YOU.


So what changed for my students and me? I discovered the Sales Leader Accelerator, the 4-step method that allowed me to quickly climb the corporate ladder and to allow my students to replicate my success.


The Sales Leader Accelerator

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Step in the method What did it look like for me?

Step #1 - Master Your Trade
Earn the respect of peers and superiors, without having to suck up to them

5 years working at Google, first as a Sales Executive and then as an Account Director

Step #2 - Find Your Big Break
Find someone who bets on you and gives you the big job, even if you’re not a networking animal

Director of Business Development
Passed the £100k salary milestone at 28 years old

Step #3 - Rise to the Occasion
Quickly learn to be senior and ace your new role, without becoming overwhelmed or burning out

Promoted every year, from Director of Business Development, to Vice President of Revenue, to Global Vice President of Sales

Step #4 - Be an Accomplished Leader
You’ll finally be content with your salary and status, while having the tools to achieve even more, if you desire

Managing Director of EMEA for a global leader in its sector at 33 years old
Coaching sales people in their careers since 2014

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Why Work with Me?

Because it works. But that’s not all.

I remember the frustration of wanting to become a Sales Leader when I was far from it. I felt unappreciated by my superiors and helpless, knowing that I didn’t have a trusted guide.

A mentor would have spared me suffering and saved me time, time that I could have dedicated to enjoying my passions and the company of my loved ones.

That’s not even the full reason why I help other Sales professionals.

I was LUCKY to find my way so early in life. Many will find their way sooner or later, but won’t enjoy as much wealth and confidence during their youth.

That’s why I decided to empower individuals to achieve their full potential. I want to help you obtain a better life for yourself and for your loved ones, by making you more confident and accomplished, and why not... wealthier 😉

If that sounds like something you’d want, read how we can work together here


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