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My name is Paolo Pironi, I teach young and experienced professionals, as well as company managers how to master 4 soft skills to accelerate your career & maximise your income, while enjoying a less stressful life. My clients are an exclusive group that receives an education on charting and driving their career - this gives them a huge competitive advantage compared to the billions of other professionals who haven't had such and education and aren't my clients... yet! 😉

I speak to professionals of all kinds all the time, and they're typically struggling in 1 or more of these 4 areas:

#1 – What to do if you feel like you're in the wrong company or job

#2 – How to accelerate your growth efficiently, so you can become less busy and stressed in your daily life

#3 – How to promote yourself without being someone you're not

#4 – How to get paid more, even if you hate negotiating

Are you struggling with any of the above? Then I know how to help you!

How do I know what works?

You see, in the process of boosting my own career, I learned a lot both from studying and from real-life experience, and I’ve achieved quite a bit. To give you an idea:

  • I landed a high-paying corporate internship while at University
  • After graduation, I spent 5+ years working at Google, earning multiple promotions and rising from Junior Sales Executive to Account Director
  • When I left Google, I was hired as a Director for a startup at age 28
  • Afterwards, another startup hired me as Director and promoted me twice at age 31, to VP of EMEA sales first, and to VP of Global sales later
  • I'm also currently advising 2 additional startups
  • Most of my direct reports were quickly promoted within their existing companies, or were hired by world-leading multinational companies within a few years
  • Throughout this process I really punched above my weight in multiple salary negotiations with employers -recently, I doubled my salary in just 16 months


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